Satvik Breakfast Combo



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Uppit or Upma is a quick, no-fuss breakfast that is simple and easy to digest. Made with rava (suji), it has a mild flavour and is very filling.  iPaaka Upma Mix is upma in its classic form, which means you have complete freedom to experiment with your breakfast. You could rustle up an easy Upma in less than 15 mins. You might also add onions, tomatoes and green peas to add a special punch.

Masala Poha/Gojjavalakki is an authentic Karnataka breakfast recipe which is light and healthy.  It is prepared with flattened rice flakes and “Gojju" prepared from tamarind and authentic aromatic spices. This tangy traditional delicacy could be had for breakfast, as a snack or even a no-fuss on-the-go food while traveling. Just add some boiling water and leave aside for 5 minutes to prepare and your Masala Poha is ready!

Bisibelebath is an authentic recipe from Karnataka, a complete meal with rice, lentils and aromatic spices. While the recipe usually calls for rice, our mix adapts to your palate and lifestyle. Use flattened rice if you're looking for something light or millets for healthier carbs.  Add your choice of grain & vegetables with iPaaka Bisibelebath mix to make it more filling. We'd recommend pairing this with iPaaka Spicy Rings Mix for a wholesome, satisfying home cooked meal.

Khara or Spicy Dose is a speciality from Mangalore. You might also know it as Masaale, Upphuli or Patrode Dose. Making this needs no prior planning, just mix it with water to prepare the batter and get cooking instantly. iPaaka Spicy Dose Mix can also be used as a spice mix for deep-fried homemade snacks like Bajjis. Instant, healthy snacks with fresh spices and wholesome ingredients have never been easier to make.  It adds a lovely flavour to whatever you make at home.

All ingredients used are natural and have no artificial flavours or preservatives added - our products are fresh, healthy and taste just like home and that's our promise to you!

Versatile & Naturally Flavourful: iPaaka products are unique. Some of the mixes are the first ever to be introduced into the market which no other brand has.  Most of our mixes are multipurpose and taste just like home cooked food without any after taste or weird smell like other packaged food. The ingredients are carefully chosen and roasted to perfection that gives it the heavenly natural flavour!

Food for your Soul: We know exactly what our customers like and what satisfies their taste buds. iPaaka's Instant mixes takes you back to those good old days of your mother's or grandmother's cooking. Your handy traditional cooking partner is here!

Carefully chosen Ingredients: Our heavenly mixes are MADE IN INDIA and DO NOT contain anything that is harmful for your well being like palm oil, flavouring agents, artificial colours, anti-caking agents, stabilizers, acidity regulators or any preservatives.

Storage: Store it in a cool and dry place.  Please make sure the spoon you use is not wet.  Refrigeration can increase the shelf life from 3 to 6 months

Life is too short to live without the Satvik Breakfast Combo. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.