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Khara or Spicy Dose is a speciality from Mangalore. You might also know it as Masaale, Upphuli or Patrode Dose. Making this needs no prior planning, just mix it with water to prepare the batter and get cooking instantly. iPaaka Spicy Dose Mix can also be used as a spice mix for deep-fried homemade snacks like Bajjis. Instant, healthy snacks with fresh spices and wholesome ingredients have never been easier to make.  It adds a lovely flavour to whatever you make at home.

All ingredients used are natural and have no artificial flavours or preservatives added - our products are fresh, healthy and taste just like home and that's our promise to you!

iPaaka products come in reusable ziplock pouches in different weight-based packaging to suit everyone's needs. For smaller packs check out our Combo offers.

Best Before 3 months from the date of manufacture.

Storage Instructions: Use a clean and dry spoon.  Refrigerating it extends its shelf-life by another 3-6 months.  

Ingredients: Rice Flour, Red Chilli powder, Hing Coconut Powder, Coriander, Salt, Tamarind

Cooking Method 

  • Take about 100g of iPaaka Spicy Dose/Khaara dose mix and add warm water until it becomes thick batter consistency(if you are planning to add vegetables) or watery consistency if you are planning to make plain dosas.  Make sure there are no lumps in the batter and set aside for 15 mins.
  • Slice up any vegetable like Ridge Gourd, Onion, Cucumber, Brinjal, Potato, Capsicum etc. Dip in the batter and put it on the greased tava to form a dose. Pour in extra batter to fill the gaps and roast it to crispness. Add one tbsp of oil (highly recommended).
  • If you are craving for a plate of piping hot bajjis/bondas (fritters) to go with that hot cuppa on a rainy evening, you just got what you asked for. Drop the batter-dipped vegetable slices into a pan of hot oil and voila!!
  • No Veggies? Don’t fret. Just the batter by itself is good enough to make tasty crispy Khaara masaale doses.
  • For those adventurous epicureans, iPaaka Spicy Dose/Khaara dose mix can be a tasty filling for your Pathrode (Kesuvina ele or Colocasia leaf rolls)
  • Please note that this dose takes a little longer to cook than the regular dose. Once it is well roasted (or as per your preference), turn it around to roast well on the other side too. Enjoy this hot sumptuous Spicy dose with a dollop of ghee or butter.
  • 100g of iPaaka Spicy dose makes 4-5 dosas.

Life is too short to live without the Spicy Dose Mix. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.