Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


General FAQs
Question.  What does the name iPaaka mean?

Answer.  'Paaka' in Kannada means to cook or cooking.  The 'i' in iPaaka is 'I' or 'Me', pointing at the person using the product. We wanted to establish a brand that makes one self-reliant in cooking and hence the name iPaaka.  iPaaka loosely translates to 'I can Cook' or 'I am Cooking'.  

QuestionAre iPaaka products customizable?

Answer.   Yes!  You can add your choice of vegetables and customize it to your taste and style. 

For example: While cooking with Brinjal Curry Mix, you can add more onions while sautéing.  You could add a couple of green chilies to make it more spicy or add a tomato or little bit of tamarind to add a sour punch to suit your taste.

Another example: Add grated veggies like carrots, cucumber, finely chopped capsicum, spring onions or dill leaves to the Rice Rotti mix while mixing the dough to make your own style of Rotti.

Question.  Are iPaaka products multi-purpose?

Answer.   The good news is that most of the iPaaka products are multi-purpose!  The steps outlined at the back of the pack is only one way of using it.

For example: While cooking with our Spicy Dosa Mix, you can not only make yummy plain Dosas with it, it can double up as Bajji mix, sliced vegetable pullout Dosa bites, Steamed Colocasia leaf rolls etc.

Another example: Chutney Powder not only makes yummy Pudi Dosa & Pudi Idlis, it can also be used to make delicious Masala rice, Baby potato Appetizers, as Dry Subzi masala/Stir fried vegetable masala, Chapathi rolls, Stuffed Paratha etc.

Question.   Are iPaaka products based on traditional recipes?

Answer.   Yes! iPaaka products are based on traditional recipes which is why they are most loved and approved by Mothers and Grandmothers for its authentic taste & flavors.

Question.   What is the average cooking time with iPaaka?

Answer.   Cooking with iPaaka ranges from 5 to 15 minutes plus any additional time for customization to suit your taste.

Question.   How is iPaaka different from other products in the market?

AnswerMost of the products available in the market who claim to have 'No Preservatives' have one or the other form of chemicals in their food products like anti-caking agents, synthetic colors, nature identical flavors etc.  iPaaka products contain no chemicals of any kind which means they are as good as the Masalas you make at home.  The proof is in the taste and smell - unlike other products you will not find a weird after-taste or smell when you cook with iPaaka products. 

Question.   How do I measure water (based on the cooking instructions) without a measuring cup?

AnswerTo make it simpler, the steel/glass tumbler we use to drink water is approximately 250 ml.  Even if you have added a little excess water (when the taste of the dish seems diluted), let the dish boil for a little longer with the lid open.  In case the dish seems strong for your taste, you can always add water on top and boil for another 2 mins.

Question.   Should I refrigerate iPaaka products once the seal is open?

Answer. You need not refrigerate iPaaka products.  You can simply seal it back using the ziplock and store it on the rack.  However, if you want to store the products for a longer time or have bought a bigger pack, you may refrigerate it.  The average shelf-life of iPaaka products is 4 to 6 months.  Refrigeration will help in keeping the freshness intact for another 3 months.

Question.   Can we use iPaaka on a regular basis?

AnswerAbsolutely! We use iPaaka products regularly at home, so can you :)

Question.   How do I know the iPaaka products are fresh?

AnswerWhen you cut open the seal and try to take in the aroma of the mix, it will surely tingle your senses.  The proof of freshness is also in the sneeze you may get when you get too close LoL!

Question.   How do iPaaka products remain fresh without adding any chemicals?

Answer. We want our customers to experience the natural freshness of our mixes and hence we have a best before (not expiration) period as short as 4 to 6 months.  The key aspects that keeps them fresh are:

  1. Natural preservatives such as salt in the mixes helps keep them intact. 
  2. We make sure to maintain the moisture level of the mixes under a certain thershold which helps retain the freshness.
  3. The 3 layer ziplock package seals the aroma inside.
Question.   Why is iPaaka healthy compared to other products in the market?

AnsweriPaaka products are based on age old traditional recipes and preservation techniques.  Since we do not use any form of chemicals in the manufacturing process or for preservation, they are completely safe and healthy for the entire family. It's just like what you would make at home.  Here, we are making it for you :)