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The All in One Combo has iPaaka Tomato Dal Rasam, Idli Sambhar Mix, Brinjal Curry Mix, Chutney Powder, Puliyogare Mix, Spicy Dose Mix, Bisibelebath Mix, Spicy Rings Mix, Upma & Masala Poha has all natural ingredients and gives you authentic South Indian taste, flavor and aroma.

The Ready-To-Cook iPaaka Tomato Dal Rasam mix will help you make yummy, hot-piping Rasam in less than 10 mins.  You can relish it with steamed rice or simply slurp it like a hot bowl of soup

iPaaka Idli Sambhar Mix which is rich in flavor and aroma gives you the authentic South Indian Hotel Sambhar taste.  Enjoy your home made Sambhar with hot Idlis, Dose or vada

Even though Brinjal Curry/Ennegayi is a popular dish with brinjal, it can pretty much make any veggie fry yummy.  The rich gravy of this dish will make a great combination with roti, chapathi, dose, neer dose, akki rotti and even steamed rice

iPaaka Chutney Powder is a Ready-To-Eat dry chutney that makes everything taste great. Be it Upma, Chapathi, Akki Rotti, Idli, Dose or a bowl of piping hot rice with a dollop of ghee.

iPaaka Puliyogare Mix will make sure to remind you of your mom or grandma's recipe of Puliyogare. It is an authentic South Indian recipe which brings out the rich flavor in carefully chosen spices.  Simply mix with hot steamed rice and your Puliyogare is ready to cherish those good old days 

iPaaka Spicy Dose mix is a multipurpose mix with no-preservative formula which makes it a healthy breakfast, can make snacks like bajjis (deep/shallow fried) to satisfy your taste buds. This dose is referred by different names - some call it Khara dose, Masale dose, Patrode dose while others call it Upphuli dose. Add any vegetable to it to make it healthy, yummy and also a guilt-free snack!

This specific iPaaka Spicy Rings Mix is a rice based snack and will tingle your taste buds with its crispy and spicy flavor. It is a great combination with iPaaka BisibeleBath and also serves as a snack along with coffee or Tea.

The best thing about iPaaka Upma in its classic form is that it gives you the open canvas to experiment different varieties of Upma. Add onions, tomatoes, green peas or simply add a spoonfull of iPaaka Bisibelebath mix to make a masala upma.

Masala Poha is an authentic Karnataka breakfast recipe which is light and healthy. It is prepared from a gojju made out of tamarind and a chosen set of spices.  It is a light yet spicy breakfast that will be ready in less than 5 mins.

iPaaka Bisibelebath Instant Mix gives you an open canvas to add in your choice of grain (rice, boiled rice, red rice, beaten/flattened rice, broken wheat, millets etc) and vegetables which blends with the choicest set of spices to satisfy your taste buds. Adding beaten/flatten rice makes it light, adding millets makes it healthy.  

All ingredients used are natural and have no artificial flavours or preservatives added - our products are fresh, healthy and taste just like home and that's our promise to you!

Life is too short to live without the All in One Combo. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.