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Uppit or upma as it is popularly known, is the quickest breakfast one can think of in terms of the cooking time. Mostly prepared with rave/rava, it is easy to digest food that is prepared in every home when you feel like eating something simple.

This specific Masala Poha/gojjavalakki is an authentic karnataka breakfast recipe which is light and healthy. It is prepared with flattened rice flakes and gojju prepared from tamarind and authentic aromatic spices. The tangy taste of this dish will be lip smacking and tingle your taste buds

Bisibelebath is an authentic karnataka recipe which is a complete food with rice lentils and aromatic spices. Add in your choice of grain (rice, boiled rice, red rice, beaten/flattened rice, broken wheat, millets etc) and vegetables with iPaaka Bisibelebath mix to suit your taste. Adding beaten/flatten rice makes it light, adding millets makes it healthy

Akki Rotti means “Rice Bread” - originally from the state of Karnataka. This breakfast is made out of rice flour that is flattened and slowly roasted on a griddle. In its classic form, the rice flour is mixed with finely chopped onions and coriander leaves. iPaaka Akki Rotti/Rice Roti is best paired with iPaaka Chutney Powder or Coconut Chutney.

Kharabath/Masale Uppittu/Masala Upma is a popular breakfast recipe from Karnataka and is served in most restaurants in the state. It is essentially the recipe for uppittu/upma but with a spicy twist. The masala, made with a chosen set of spices, alleviates the quintessential upma into a punch packed aromatic dish.

One would know about this spicy dose/khaara dose, also popularly known as masaale dose, if you are from the coastal area or linked to mangalore or coastal karnataka in one way or the other. The best thing about the iPaaka Spicy Dose is that it does not demand any kind of prior planning unlike regular masala or plain or set dosas (which also required at least chutney/chutneypudi/fruit jam to accompany). 

Idli and dose is a staple breakfast and has a special preference in every south indian home. Some like it with coconut chutney, some with sambhar and some enjoy with a little bit of both. This ready-to-cook mix is dedicated to all those sambar lovers who cannot do without this tangy, sweet-sour soup with their hot steaming idlis or crispy dosays.

Versatile & Naturally Flavourful: iPaaka products are unique. Some of the mixes are the first ever to be introduced into the market which no other brand has.  Most of our mixes are multipurpose and taste just like home cooked food without any after taste or weird smell like other packaged food. The ingredients are carefully chosen and roasted to perfection that gives it the heavenly natural flavour!

Food for your Soul: We know exactly what our customers like and what satisfies their taste buds. iPaaka's Instant mixes takes you back to those good old days of your mother's or grandmother's cooking. Your handy traditional cooking partner is here!

Carefully chosen Ingredients: Our heavenly mixes are MADE IN INDIA and DO NOT contain anything that is harmful for your well being like palm oil, flavouring agents, artificial colours, anti-caking agents, stabilizers, acidity regulators or any preservatives.

 Storage: Store it in a cool and dry place.  Please make sure the spoon you use is not wet.  Refrigeration can increase the shelf life from 3 to 6 months

 All ingredients used are natural and have no artificial flavours or preservatives added - our products are fresh, healthy and taste just like home and that's our promise to you!

Life is too short to live without the Breakfast Recipes Combo. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.