I am round, crispy & famously white. There is a chain with 99 of me in its name!

I am round, crispy & famously white. There is a chain with 99 of me in its name!

Dec 16 , 2020

Dosey in Kannada.

Thosai in Tamil.

Dosa in Telugu and Malayalam and every other language. 

This dish as we know today, is made with soaking lentils and rice overnight and then ground, spread on a pan and roasted for a few minutes. This crispy, rice-based meal was first mentioned in Tamil Sangam literature from the 6th century AD. Interestingly, Idli wasn't mentioned in this and goes undocumented for another 4 centuries until its appeareance in Kannada literature. 

According to a popular podcast, this dish traces its roots to the 'ilanthosai’ - a thin dosa, soft in texture and difficult to make. The dosas, or the Attu (as the Telugus call it), existed simultaneously in Telugu homes, mentioned in the works of poet Shrinatha's verses from the 15th century. He called them Doosiyalu. The crispy, fried, rice- and urad dal-based dosa that the world loves today was popularised by the Udupi restaurants that began in Mysuru and then travelled to Delhi in the 1930s.

This format of a dish assumed various forms like the Rava Dose (made with rava, maida and curd), Set Dosa (made with urad dal, poha & rice), Neer Dosa (made with coconut and rice), and other instant dosas made with Moong Dal, Jowar Dosa, Ragi Dosa which became popular in the last 50 years. 

iPaaka Spicy Dosey or Khara Dosey, also known as Uppu Huli Dosa, is a more instant form of contemporary Dosa. This dosa originates along the coastal belt of Karnataka and is known for its spicy tanginess. Some recipes call for a mix of rasam powder while others have unique mixes added to the rice flour - coconut base to create this version. This is a rather versatile mix and can be used as a base with vegetables like cabbage, spinach, onions, fenugreek/methi leaves and many more, to make it even more delicious and nutritious. 

This is generally a 15 hours process but don't worry! With iPaaka, you can make this dosa in 10 minutes. Inspired from Mangalore’s Dose, iPaaka’s Khara Dose will give a taste of yet another variant of dose you’ve probably never tried before.

How about giving it a try?

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