An easy simple sweet is all I am.

An easy simple sweet is all I am.

Aug 24 , 2022

Have you realized that most Indian sweets require only 3 ingredients? 

Indian sweets have always been focussed around milk and milk products. This holy trinity of milk, curd and ghee is as ancient as the human civilization itself. From the land of milk and honey the first milk fudge or humble peda evolved that was holy and sacred, an offering to the deity.

But why milk? Our guess is as good as yours, milk may have been available in abundance and instead of wasting the rich produce, milk was potentially converted into a longer lasting element with the slight edition of a sweet component. As palettes got sophisticated, nuts were added to the dishes.   

The sweet in question that iPaaka launched is one of the founder's personal favorites and she is known to make a mean Basundi from scratch. This delicious sweet doesn't have a specific beginning or end. It is simply a heavenly mix of reduced milk, sugar, favorite nuts, a dash a elaichi powder and finished with the rich smoothness of saffron flowers.

This dish is commonly referred to as Radbi as well. When milk is simply reduced to one fourth of its volume and then sweetened with sugar is called Rabdi, and in the north Rabdi is served at most weddings as a the delicious accompaniment with our sweet jalebis and Malpuas.

How about giving it a try?


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