A brinjal fan or a history buff needs this in their pantry!

A brinjal fan or a history buff needs this in their pantry!

Feb 01 , 2023

In 2010, Archaeologists Arunima Kashyap and Steve Webber of Vancouver's Washington State University traced the world's first-known or "oldest" proto-curry of aubergine, ginger and turmeric from the pot shard of a bulbous handi (pot) with the help of of starch analysis.  Readings of such plant "microfossils" undercuts the dependence on macro-botanical evidence like carbonised seeds and grains in traditional archaeology. But mostly, they celebrated the building of a new, scientific highway to Harappa. We have insight into the kitchens of Harappa!

This humble dish has come a long way, the contemporary forms of this dish as we know them today are “Ennegayi” in Karnataka, “Gutta Vankayi” in Andhra and “Ennai Kathirikai Kulambu” in Tamil Nadu. Made with a combination of few spices, Ennagayi delivers its punch with the pulp of tamarind and its depth with peanut and coconut powder. 

We understand that you may not always have these ingredients in your kitchen. That’s why iPaaka makes it easier for you to whip this tasty Belesaaru in 10 mins!

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