Why is it imperative to create an innovative/entrepreneurial environment at home

Why is it imperative to create an innovative/entrepreneurial environment at home

Feb 04 , 2021

Ever wondered why a specialist's child turns into a specialist, a legal advisor's little girl follows her mother or father and get into law, an artist's child follow suite and an entertainer's kith and families, without a doubt ;)

Kids observe, learn/pickup an interest based on what they see, what they are presented to at home.  More often than not from parents or a close relative who is effective and turns into a good example. Let's take business backed communities as a classic example.  From the point of view of the children in the family, the only thing they have seen and known is being self employed/running a business.  Utmost, they would work for an uncle or a cousin or a relative creating a social capital within their community.  A few exceptions adventure out to find a job elsewhere. 

We casually use the phrase "it comes in blood" which essentially is the "inherited commercial acumen" which is not, at this point a premise to begin your own pursuit.  Given the rise of startup culture, it is less about your membership in the right communities and more of the individual's innovative zeal.  Without a familial foundation in business per say, any  individual who can respond to an economic/social issue, solve a problem, fill a void or fulfill a shortfall, can consider bridging it through a creative innovation in technology, a product or a service.  To bootstrap and mentor ones ingenious idea there is a diverse social base of capitalists (popularly referred to as Venture Capitalists/VCs), whose investments are not restricted to any select communities which has caused a democratization of capital.

I have seen multiple sides of the spectrum be it working for a corporate giant, quasi government organization, a startup with a cause or beginning my own endeavor.  What I have appreciated the most is being an entrepreneur gives you self-sufficiency, utilizing your innovativeness to improve, create an impact in the field you choose, a moment of rude awakening on how positive or negative your thoughts are and so on and so forth.  In particular the basic experience of "The Joy of creation"

In my opinion, it is vital to plant the enterprising interest in children at a young age.  With an elusive objective of taking responsibility of their own life.  The key skills that one needs to even fairly succeed as an entrepreneur would most unquestionably be leadership, decision making, organization, delegation, accountability, working in groups and most importantly resilience - to rise back up when you fail which no school or college will teach.  Regardless of what they grow up to be, every one of these skills and characteristics will take them far through their life.

Raise kids to ask "Why not?" instead of "Why?"