iPaaka simplifies making food at home so that you can prepare fresh meals in a jiffy that taste just like home-cooked food. We do the hard work so that you don’t have to. 

We are an ethical, conscious, home-grown brand that deeply cares for you. We have a range of instant, preservative-free authentic South Indian food that is fresh, pure and tastes like home.

And all of them can be cooked and served in minutes so that your regular day schedule is not disturbed at all! Made with fresh ingredients, our products use authentic recipes and taste exactly like home-cooked food with none of the unpleasant odour or aftertaste of packaged premixes. Have them as they are or mix in a few of your favourite ingredients - all iPaaka mixes are customisable and can fit your tastes perfectly. Our food tastes natural because it is! Ingredients are chosen with care, roasted to perfection, prepared expertly and lovingly packaged. But don’t just take our word for it. Pick a mix and taste the freshness for yourself!

Everything is sourced and made in India and is packed without any additives.What we use instead are the tried and tested methods of our mothers to extend the lives of ingredients. Lentils and whole spices are dry roasted before grinding. Salt, a natural preservative, keeps the contents free from bacteria. The resealable packs ensure that the freshness of the mixes are maintained and you can use only as much as you need.  

Cook your favourite traditional fare effortlessly and often with iPaaka.

The Team

iPaaka sprouted from the everyday demands of a modern lifestyle – fast-paced routine, traffic menace, challenging careers et al. A devoted mom with a full-time career, I am no food martyr but like to eat healthy. But after a hectic day and driving through the chock-a-block Benguluru traffic, I would come home every evening to the same question – “What do I make for dinner tonight?” or “How do I make my breakfast and lunch super quick but healthy?” I tried some ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat mixes from a couple of popular brands that guaranteed an easier and healthier life but, they seldom agreed with my nutritional ethos and invariably contained added preservatives or chemicals to increase their shelf-life. One of them even left me with an upset stomach made me wonder about the side effects of the palm oil and chemicals in them, especially on my kids. Besides, the masala powders in the market were neither authentic nor fresh and none of the options alleviated my dilemma. 

While I was going through this ordeal, my mother experimented in her kitchen and introduced me to her home-made instant mixes. Her motive was to make my life effortless while keeping the authentic taste and aroma intact. They proved to be a blessing and my life quickly eased up. I would label the jars I stored the mix in as ‘Ready-to-eat Rasam’ or 'Ready-to-eat Sambar', and one day while I was cooking tomato dal rasam for dinner, I realized I had labelled the jars all wrong. I had my “Aha!!” moment then as it wasn’t ‘ready-to-eat’ but an ‘Instant mix’ for rasam. I realized suddenly that at a subconscious level, this was something I was actually looking out for in the market. 

What followed next was a lot of experimenting and improvising on my mother’s recipes to make them more wholesome. The love for Karnataka cuisine and the earnest desire to make some of the unique recipes from Karnataka popular was a driving factor to start iPaaka Foods in 2018, with the idea of making cooking a convenient and comfortable experience for anyone and everyone without having to worrying about the preservatives and chemicals. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mother, a bachelor, a globe-trotter, or a dad who cooks, your onus is on us.

- Bindu Jayaram

Founder & CEO, iPaaka Foods

Nikhila is the VP and is currently responsible for brand management and growth of iPaaka across all known mediums. Nikhila is a Civil Engineer and has a Master’s in Urban Management from CEPT University. She has over 5 years’ experience working in the development sector working with startups in the social space and foundations like Dasra. Her sheer love for food and her long-term association with Bindu, has led to iPaaka. She truly believes that this world needs good, tasty, easy-to-cook, authentic and nutritious food. Considering how the world is evolving, she believes iPaaka is helping the world remember a time when tasty food was made at home using traditional and natural recipes. When she isn’t spreading the iPaaka gospel, she is cooking or experimenting. Unlike everyone else who travel to see the world, she travels to eat the food from everywhere.

- Nikhila Vishnuvajhala

Vice President, iPaaka Foods

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Commercial and social mission

Our mission is to make iPaaka a household name and a global brand. Behind our bold and ambitious goal, though, lies a humble mission. Besides being a convenience food, iPaaka can be used as a life support by a lot of people.

  • Think of the elderly who have difficulty cooking and may/may not have the means to hire a suitable cook
  • Think of differently abled people who aspire to live an independent life
  • Think about survivors in the natural disaster sites. Healthy and comfort food could prove to be life saving
  • Think of the civilians and armed forces living in extreme weather conditions, where stepping out/ordering food is not an option for weeks together 

Send in your thoughts, ideas and suggestions to help us serve you better.

    Why should you switch to iPaaka?

    • Easier kitchen management
    • Minimal cooking skills required
    • Cuts down energy/fuel consumption by at least 50%
    • Minimal wastage of food/vegetables with easier quantity control
    • Easy to cook, home cooked taste, fresh & healthy
    • 100% natural, preservative-free clean food and hence can be used everyday